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Bastien, Alfred T. J.

Bouvard, Noel

Brunin, Leon

Cambier, Guy

Capeinick, Jean

Carlier, Max
Cunaeus, Conradyn
Damschroeder, J.J.M.
Geudens, Albert
Haghe, Louis
Hemelman, A. B.
Hermanns, Heinrich
Hess, Marcel
Jacobs, Adolphe
Levigne, Theodore
Maes, Jacques
Mottard, Leonie
Nys. Alexis
Portielje, Edward
Reyntjens, Heinrich
Riket, Leon
Schafer, Henry
Schaumburg, Jules
Schroder, Albert F.
Toussaint, Fernand
Van Borselen, Jan Willem
Van Sluys, Remy
Verschaffelt, Edward
von Wagner, Alexander

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Bernardsville, New Jersey

Albert Geudens

Albert Geudens
Belgian 1869 - 1949

Title: Church Interior, Mechalaere

Medium: Oil on Canvas 26" x 22"


Belgian 1869 - 1949

Albert Geudens was born in Malines, Belgium in 1869.He was a painter, watercolorist and pastellist of genre scenes, interiors and city and urban scenes.

He studied art at the Malines Academy of Fine Arts with the master teacher and artist, W.Geets as well as attending the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts under the master teacher and artist, A de Vriendt.

After completing his education, he began to exhibit at the noted Belgium venues. He was a member of the prestigious art group, La Gravure Originale Belge.

Albert Geudens dies in Schaerbeek, Belgium in 1949.

Today, his works can be found in public and private collections, including at museums in Antwerp, Brussels, Courtrai, Ixelles and Mol.