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Williams, Albert
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Wymer, Reginald

Albert Williams


Artist: Albert Williams
Title: Mixed Bouquet
Medium: Oil on Canvas 16" x 16"


Albert Williams
Summer Glory, Yellow Roses
Oil on Canvas 16" x 14"


Artist: Albert Williams
Title: White Peonies
Medium: Oil on Canvas 24" x 20"

(Born 1922-    ) 

Albert Williams was born in Hove, Engalnd on March 20, 1922. He is the son of Arthur C Williams who was also a floral painter. He studied art under his father and grandfather, and also at art schools in Brighton, London and Paris.

He studied figure and portrait painting under the late Louis Ginnett as well as water coloring painting under the late Charles Knight.

Williams’ paintings have been  exhibited a the Royal Academy in London, the Royal Watercolour Society, the Royal Institute of Painters in Oil-Colours,the Royal Society of British Artists and at the Paris Salon. He also participated at the Edinburgh Festival. Williams is also represented at various prestigious art galleries in London and provincial art galleries in England, and now including J M Stringer Gallery of Fine Art, Bernardsville, New Jersey.

He lived much of his life in Brighton, where he is a member of the Brighton Arts Club.

Williams work was often reproduced in fine art publications and advertising as well as on magazine covers in the United Kingdom and aboard, including Woman’s Journal and Woman.
 He has specialized in floral painting for many years, mostly working in oil. At all times, he takes his compositions directly from nature, each flower being a portrait of an individual bloom that is incorporated into the floral composition. Williams was influenced in the early years by the Dutch 17th Century School of flower painting and by the botanical draftsmanship of Gerard Van Spaendonck.

Albert Williams is without doubt one of the greatest floral artists of the 20th century, always working from nature, and always capturing the unique quality of each individual bloom. His work is represented in many private and public collections worldwide.