Bernardsville, New Jersey

Ida Calzolari

Ida Calzolari was born in Venice, Italy in 1936 and is a descendant from an illustrious family of Venetian painters. Her grandfather, Enrico Calzolari was a teacher at the School of Beaux Arts in Venice.  Enrico Calzolari and his son, Mario Calzolari both spent their life studying Flemish art and artists from the Renaissance. Ida has followed in her grandfather’s and father’s love of this period.The ambassadors of Italy, Iran, and USA as well as many private collectors are her faithful customers.An exhibition of twelve of her paintings was instituted by Ronald Reagan in Washington D.C in 1983. In addition, five of her paintings are exhibited in the Museum of Prince Torrigiani-Colonna in Venice.After devoting many years of passionate work restoring masterpieces from the 16th and 17th centuries for some of the finest museums in Europe, Ida is now creating magnificent original oil paintings inspired from the past.Today, one can find Ida’s work in galleries all over the world. J M Stringer Gallery of Fine Art located in Bernardsville, New Jersey  is proud to represent Ida Calzolari and to bring to its’ customers these beautiful creation.

"A Flemish Village"
Oil on canvas 20" x 28"

"Mer Agitee"
Oil on canvas 20" x 28"

"Homage to Brueghel"
Oil on canvas 27.5" x 39.5"

"Winter's Glory"
Oil on canvas 12" x 16"

"Lakeside Village"
Oil on canvas 19.5" x 27.5"

"Path to the Village"
Oil on canvas 20" x 28"

"Summer Fruits"
Oil on canvas 10" x 12"

"Friends and Neighbors"
Oil on canvas 9.5" x 11.75"

"As Autumn Approaches"
Oil on canvas 20" x 28"

"Classic Still Life with Urn"
Oil on canvas 9" x 12"





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