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Bernardsville, New Jersey

John Phillip Osborne

American, graduated cum laude from Pratt Institute
in New York and studied painting with Alban Albert
and Arthur Maynard who in turn were from the influence
of Frank Vincent DuMond.                                   

"Coming into my thirty- eighth year of painting and
teaching, my point of view has not wavered and that
is to recreate life on canvas. In doing so, there is a life
long study of the infinite effects of light that nature has
to offer. The light is always prismatic, no matter what
time of day or weather condition. There is always just
one light source, whether painting outdoors or indoors
in a North-lit studio. I arrange the colors on my
palette prismatically and strive to get the prism
under control with the subtle atmospheric progression
of colors and values.                     

Studying the masters, such as George Inness, John Constable, and the French Barbizon painters, I have been able to see what they have shared in common. Now when I go out and paint, I can see beyond the obvious. I am less interested in the fine details and look instead to convey the mood and overall feeling of the moment.

"Leading the Troops Toward Jockey Hollow"
Oil on linen, 28" x 22"

"Sunset Glow in Jockey Hollow"
Oil on linen, 28" x 40"

"The Twenty-Eighth Storm - Jockey Hollow, 1779"
Oil on linen, 50" x 40"

"Towards Morristown"
Oil on linen, 36" x 48"

"The Battle for Monmouth"
Oil on linen, 20" x 24"

"Ford Mansion Headquarters"
Oil on linen, 14" x 24"

"The March through the Jerseys"
Oil on panel, 14" x 18"

"Flying Cloud"
Oil on linen, 18" x 12"

"Lily Pads"
Oil on linen, 30" x 48"

Oil on linen, 40" x 60"

"Where Eagles Fly"
Oil on linen, 58" x 68"

"Annapolis, 1777"
Oil on linen, 28" x 36"

"Apple Tree Blooms"
Oil on linen, 36" x 28"

"Slant Top Desk"
Oil on linen, 24" x 36"

"The Veteran"
Oil on linen, 40" x 30"

"Blue Hydrangea"
Oil on linen, 24" x 20"

"Fall Wildflowers"
Oil on panel, 20" x 24"

"Russian Samovar"
Oil on linen, 22" x 24"

"The White Horse Tavern"
Oil on linen, 16" x 24"

"Mountain Laurel"
Oil on panel, 18" x 16"

"Annapolis Circle"
Oil on panel, 14" x 18"

"Still Life with Onions"
Oil on linen, 18" x 14"

"Glow on the Ice"
Oil on panel, 14" x 20"

"Cow Pastures"
Oil on linen, 16" x 18"

"Hydrangea in Crystal"
Oil on linen, 13" x 11"

"Spring Cherry Tree"
Oil on linen, 14" x 12"

"Valley Fog"
Oil on linen, 9" x 12"

"Boys on the Hayrack"
Oil on linen, 8" x 10"

"Mount Vernon"
Oil on linen, 8" x 12"

"Falling Blossoms"
Oil on panel, 11" x 14"

"The General & His Troops"
Oil on linen 60" x 50"

"Christmas Crossing, 1776"
Oil on linen 28" x 60"

"City Tavern, Philadelphia"
Oil on linen 28" x 22"

"Fight for Freedom, Bunker Hill, 1775"
Oil on Linen 24" x 30"

"Elfreth Alley, Philadelphia"
Oil on linen 18" x 14"
Pen & Ink Sketches

"The Huts at Jockey Hollow"
Pen & Ink, 8" x 10"

"Sulgrave Manor - Washington's Ancestral Home"
Pen & Ink, 6" x 10"
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