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As an American Neo-Impressionist, Alan Fetterman has received much acclaim.


With a legacy of 42 one-person shows in galleries all throughout the United States, Fetterman is a highly recognized award-winning American artist who produces work sought and collected for continuing the impressionist and plein air traditions. He was designated as Bucks County’s first 

“Artist in Residence," and received The Philadelphia Sketch Club’s celebrated PSC Medal of Honor for his contribution to the arts. As a Kay scholar with a degree in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania, Fetterman transfers knowledge into art. As a painter, sculptor, and poet, he’s traveled extensively throughout the Americas and abroad, living and learning cultural values and old-world aesthetics. 


Fetterman has been featured in dozens of interviews and has showcased creations in more than 150 art venues - in places diverse as Carmel, California, Curitiba, Brazil, and Vero Beach, Florida. He is a long-standing participant and board member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club and a past member of New York City's Salmagundi Club. His work and life have been profiled in many books, including features in "A Bucks County State of a Mind" and "The Embraceable You,” as well as “Illuminate" by art historian Cathie Viksjo. With his fresh, energetic signature-style brushwork and his dynamic tones of color, Fetterman’s art delivers a powerful sense of both well-being and genuine goodness, seemingly unending. 

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