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Abandoned to poverty and the neglectful care of his maternal grandmother shortly after his birth in 1930, Robert Owen Caulfield spent the first ten years of his life running wild on the inner-city streets of Depression-era Roxbury, Massachusetts. He began drawing on those streets, literally, with chalk at age six. His emerging talent as a painter blossomed after his paternal grandparents secured custody, taking him to the North Shore city of Lynn where he spent his adolescence and young adulthood.

Following a stint in the U.S. Marines, Robert eloped with his high school sweetheart Marilyn and settled into a typical post-war suburban lifestyle, raising five children over the ensuing years.  Though needing to support his family with a “regular” job, Robert never lost sight of his ultimate goal of becoming a professional artist. Robert painted whenever possible, exhibiting his work, garnering awards and selling steadily through the years.

Largely self-taught, Robert’s style has been hailed as emblematic of American Impressionism with a unique quality that is entirely his own.  The last twenty-five years have found Robert rising to prominence as one of the most popular and best selling artists in the United States.  His paintings not only hang in American collections, but also in public and private collections the world over.

His life is a testament to the classic “American Dream” and the old Puritan virtues of persistence and hard work.

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