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Edward Noott was born in England in 1965. He attended The Cheltenham College of Art and later studied at Trent Polytechic College of Art, Nottingham, England. He then attended The State University of New York, Oneonta, N.Y., U.S.A. achieving a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fine Art.


Edward says of his work: “My satisfaction is winning the technical and emotional battles encountered in painting a picture which creates a feeling of harmony and optimism. Now I am also looking for a light that reveals the lustre and texture of materials and creates a real space around them. Color has become more descriptive and less interpretive, light has become more solid.

The goal I have set for myself as an artist is to present and personalize beautiful and inspiring places. Using the painterly qualities of tone and color, my aim is to interpret the subtleties and nuances of time and place to create lucid and harmonious paintings at home and abroad.”

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