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Jim Rodgers was born in northern New Jersey. Rodgers studied at the Art Students League in New York City and also attended the Ridgewood Art Institute where he studied landscape painting. His paintings focus on the essential details emerging from a cohesive mass augmented with poetic highlights. This evolves into a hybrid fashioned from painterly and impressionistic inspirations in a contemporary sense.

Rodgers paints a wide range of subject and subject matter: from lush American and European landscapes to intimate genre paintings as well as elegant and sophisticated still life and floral renderings. His paintings reflect richness in tone and color in his style that comes from over 30 years of professional study and numerous sojourns throughout America and Europe.

Traditional and American impressionistic training has been augmented by his wanderlust traveling across America as a working artist as well as his many trips abroad including destinations such as England, Ireland, France, and Italy. These journey's helped to produce the subject matter and inspirations that is the basis of his painterly impressionistic style. He currently resides in the bucolic countryside of Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. 

Rodgers' intention is to capture the mood of the scenes he has painted "en plein air" and rendered in his studio to give the viewer a glimpse of what he has experienced. He tries to evoke an emotional response from the viewer through his poetic portrayal of nature and his concept of a tranche de vie (slice of life) vision. 

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