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"Evening Landscape"

"Evening Landscape"

46" X 52" Oil on Canvas

"Evening Landscape"

"Evening Landscape"

46" x 52" Oil on Canvas


Lucie Malfilatre was a painter of landscapes. She was a student of the famed master teachers and artists, Emile Cagniart and Henri Harpignies.


She started to exhibit quite regularly and successfully at the famed Paris Salon and was made a full member in 1897. This was quite an accomplishment for a woman artist during that time in France.


Lucie Malfilatre also received an honorable mention from the Paris Salon in 1909 which propelled her career as a fine landscape artist in Paris. She was also a member of the Paris Salon of Women Painters.


She painted quite often in Brittany France and her most renowned landscapes are of that region.


One of her works, “La Penze, Riviere en Bretagne” can be found in the “Musée des Beaux-Arts de Quimper” located in Quimper, France.

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