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MOTHER & CHILDREN HOLDING BOOKS (American, circa 1865-85)

Mother & Children Holding Books in Alabaster. 25.5"h.

From the collection of William E. Groves. His collecting interests began in the early 1940s with American collectibles and ancient art, particularly pre-Columbian pieces.


When the Bayou of St. John was drained in the 1960s, thousands of bottles were unearthed and Groves found himself interested in these pieces, many of which were sold by merchants during the 18th and 19th centuries.


Groves was particularly attracted to pieces which showed beautiful iridescence, and placed them on display in his windows. In time, he amassed a huge and comprehensive collection.


In 1989, portions of the Groves collection were on display at the Anglo-American Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His collection was housed for many years in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Groves was always a generous collector. Many museums benefited from his donations, including the Isaac Delgado Museum of Art in New Orleans and the University of Southwest Louisiana.

May be purchased with the 19th century Italian Marble Column (sold separately).

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