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Henry Antoni Pospieszalski was born in Poland in 1949.  His parents were creative people who introduced him to art at an early age. His mother was a painter and a pianist and his father was an architect.

Henry attended the Fine Art Academy in Krakow where he studied drawing, painting and art history. While still living in Poland, he also attended and became a member of the School of Monumental Art and Composition which was funded by Professor Boudouin de Courtenay. He received commissions to paint murals, portraits, and to design stained glass windows.

In 1985, Henry moved to Italy and lived there for two years working on ceiling murals and portraits around Rome. It was there that Henry met the woman who was to become his wife.  In 1987, Henry moved to the United States and has traveled extensively along the East Coast working on the restoration of lost historic art and decoration.

Henry has worked extensively on large scale murals throughout the United States and in Puerto Rico.  His restoration work includes murals in the United States Capitol, Department of the Treasury and the Scottish Rite Temple in Washington D.C., as well as the Manhattan Supreme Court, Metropolitan Club and St. Stephen’s Church in New York City.  In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, Henry has worked on prominent buildings including the City Hall, Bankers Club, and Banco Popular.
As a fine artist, Henry focuses on figurative studies, interiors and genre subjects. His paintings are timeless, compelling and soulful.

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